Oil Seed Rape & Roundup Flex

Roundup FlexMost winter Oilseed Rape crops will be ready for glyphosphate application in mid-July. This year Monsanto introduced a new Roundup formulation – Roundup Flex, it was developed to improve product performance and also minimize spray drift.

It is essential to spray off rape due to the huge green cover in the crop. It can take up to 3 weeks plus to work so it is essential to monitor crops closely for correct spray timings (i.e. when 50% of the seeds in the pods are taken randomly from the centre of the plant and are black in colour). Roundup Flex is a 480g/l Glyphosate formulation which boasts: Fast uptake for reliable long term weed control, Rainfast in 1 hour and a consistent performer across a range of weather conditions.

Use Roundup Flex @ 3ltr/ha for the desiccation of OSR

Use Roundup Flex @ 1ltr/ha for pre harvest of cereals