Animal FeedWith reduced cereal and straight prices, we will be looking at cheaper ration prices for the coming year. Irrespective of price the most important thing is to feed the right ration to suit your animals’ specific requirements. Quinns has a wide range of rations for sheep, beef and dairy animals. This year we are introducing the Four Seasons Supreme Maize Beef ration to meet market demands. This ration will be based on a high Maize content providing excellent starch and energy levels for finishing animals.

For farmers who would like to look at pricing a ration for the winter run or would like to contract straights for the season please contact us as we will be happy to discuss the best value options and give you diet advice. We are available to call to farms and do a complete diet mix for your animals. We can also recommend the minerals to best suit your animal requirements.

“We always strongly advise our customers to have their silage and other fodders analysed so we know exactly how to balance the animals’ diet.”

This year Quinns are proud agents of the Thompsons dairy nuts. Thompsons invest hugely into animal nutrition research each year and their nuts are always focused on promoting high yield in dairy cows, along with maintaining herd body condition and fertility. For all animal nutritional advice please contact Valerie Hobson (086-3860656), or David Shortall (086-1708153).