Farm Safely – Please watch newly launched video sponsored by Quinn’s

Acorn Group Logostay-safe

The independent agri merchants group Acorn (of which Quinns is a member) have sponsored a ‘Farm Safely’ video which was recently launched as a worthy initiative from CBS Roscommon. There are contributions by rugby player Sean O Brien and Michael Healy Rae (yes the politician!), who explains how he was nearly killed by a cow. When you listen to him it might explain how he is so successful in politics!

There are some outstanding contributions by people that you will not know, but they explain in detail how accidents to themselves or their families happened and how they are living with the consequences.

Last but by no means least there is a farmer and his contractor neighbour, where the farmer’s son died and nearly lost another son in the same accident. It is really worth listening to as they explain how the accident happened through nobody’s fault, but how the farmer has shown forgiveness in what is only a very sad and tragic accident.  

We can only hope that by viewing this video is can help spread ongoing awarness and hightened vigilance on farms throughout Ireland.

Search CBS Roscommon Farm Safely on Youtube or follow the following link: