Crystalyx High Energy Feed Licks

Crystalyx is a unique range of molasses feed licks that supply a high energy form of supplementation to the main forage diets of dairy, beef and sheep livestock.  Crystalyx products, now distributed around the world and available in over 20 countries, have been meticulously researched and tested at some of the finest Agri institutes in the world, with results consistently concluding that Crystalyx products offer significant performance and health benefits to livestock.

Crystalyx High Energy Sheep

Crystalyx feed blocks are unique in the way they are manufactured, the cooking process drives water from the molasses creating a block that is high in energy and contains only 2-3% moisture (other mineral blocks can contain as much as 18% water).  The hard crystalline structure of Crystalyx means that moisture from the air cannot penetrate them meaning it does not break up and lead to product being wasted.

Research is fundamental to success, as it allows farmers to put their trust in products that have been scientifically proven to deliver great performance and impressive economic rewards. 

Crystalyx has been on the market in the UK since 1978 and available in a European market since 1995, over the last 3 decades Crystalyx products have become established In the UK and European market place, providing farmers with a product they can put their absolute trust in. Quinns supply a complete range of Crystalyx products. Contact our experts for more details 059 6481266.

Jan 2017