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Johnny Martin – The Half Centruy Man!


Following hot on the heels of Martin Coleman last year Johnny Martin is the latest person to have clocked up fifty years of uninterrupted work at Quinns! With the closing down of the garage department at Copes in Castledermot in December 1966, Johnny wasted no time in applying to Quinns of Baltinglass for employment and […]

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Crystalyx High Energy Feed Licks

Crystalyx High Energy Sheep

Crystalyx is a unique range of molasses feed licks that supply a high energy form of supplementation to the main forage diets of dairy, beef and sheep livestock.  Crystalyx products, now distributed around the world and available in over 20 countries, have been meticulously researched and tested at some of the finest Agri institutes in […]

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Pre-Lambing Management of Ewes

Pre Lambing Management

With scanning of ewes beginning on many flocks around the country in January, pre-lambing management then becomes very important. Scanning ewes 80 days post-ram turnout ensures that the scanner accurately picks up all lambs the ewe is carrying. This in turn allows the farmer to plan their feeding regime and segregate ewes carrying twins, triplets […]

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