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Sheep Feed Testimonial – John Fagan

Scanning Lambing Calculator

“I have been feeding Quinns sheep feed to my ewes’ pre lambing since 2014 and
I am very happy with how the feed is performing. At the back end of the year I can
see it in my lambs and I believe feeding a good quality ration to ewes pays
dividends. I was feeding a 20% coarse ration from Quinns but switched over to
the Supreme 20% Ewe nut in 2017 and have been feeding it since. I find the pellet
a great way to feed my ewes accurately as I separate them into pens after they are
scanned. I believe ingredients in the feed are most important and the high soya
based nut provided by Quinns means my ewes and lambs are in great condition.
This year I lambed 3 weeks later but my lambs were actually finished 3 weeks
earlier because my ewes were fed the correct diet before lambing. Feeding
Quinns Supreme 20% Ewe Nut with a high soya level ensures the ewes have
plenty of milk, giving the lambs the perfect start leading to a quicker and earlier
finishing date”
John Fagan Gartlandstown, Co. Westmeath

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Department of Agriculture’s Farm Safety Scheme

Department of Agriculture’s Farm Safety Scheme Now Open for Applications   Basics of the scheme The scheme is a targeted program designed to assist farmers to upgrade the standard of safety on their farms. Amount of funding available: €12.2 million Maximum grant rate: 40% Maximum investment ceiling: €20,000 Maximum grant therefore is: €8,000 Important Dates […]

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Benefits of Reseeding


Provide more grass in the shoulder periods (early Spring and late Autumn) New pastures are more responsive to nitrogen compared to old permanent pastures Higher feeding quality Faster re-growth Supports higher stocking rates & improves animal production Soil Fertility Poor soil fertility is one of the main reasons why ryegrass will disappear from pasture. Reseeding […]

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