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Sheep Feed Testimonial – John Fagan

Scanning Lambing Calculator

“I have been feeding Quinns sheep feed to my ewes’ pre lambing since 2014 and
I am very happy with how the feed is performing. At the back end of the year I can
see it in my lambs and I believe feeding a good quality ration to ewes pays
dividends. I was feeding a 20% coarse ration from Quinns but switched over to
the Supreme 20% Ewe nut in 2017 and have been feeding it since. I find the pellet
a great way to feed my ewes accurately as I separate them into pens after they are
scanned. I believe ingredients in the feed are most important and the high soya
based nut provided by Quinns means my ewes and lambs are in great condition.
This year I lambed 3 weeks later but my lambs were actually finished 3 weeks
earlier because my ewes were fed the correct diet before lambing. Feeding
Quinns Supreme 20% Ewe Nut with a high soya level ensures the ewes have
plenty of milk, giving the lambs the perfect start leading to a quicker and earlier
finishing date”
John Fagan Gartlandstown, Co. Westmeath

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