The first choice for balewrapping worldwide

  • Renowned for its superior strength
  • Unique two-sided tack for excellent sealing
  • Suitable for use on round and square bales
  • UV protection for all climates
  • High tack to help eliminate long ‘tails’ during wrapping

When it comes to balewrap, Silotite is a global market leader, each year protecting in excess of 50 million bales in over 50 countries. The result of continuous research and development,

Silotite is the product of choice for farmers and contractors who seek the combined benefits of strength, consistent performance and durability in a balewrap.

Silotite is designed for trouble-free use when wrapping round and square bales, and is versatile enough to be used on almost any type of crop. It is also suitable for use on all types of balewrappers. Most major manufacturers use Silotite as their product of choice for demonstrations and trials.


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Silotite incorporates key characteristics such as stretch strength and tear resistance that are required by the latest generation of high-speed, square bale and combination bale wrappers to ensure effective bale wrapping.

High puncture resistance

Although modern bale wrappers and handlers are designed to handle bales with maximum care, many films available to the marketplace can be prone to puncturing.  Aware of the demands placed on film, Silotite has been specifically formulated to provide better puncture resistance.

Unique tack characteristics

One of the main functions of a successful balewrap film is that it should provide the best possible air barrier around the bale whilst preventing leakage of any silage juices. Silotite’s unique tack characteristics provide instant adherence of film layers at the time of wrapping, with a secondary tack that produces an increasingly effective bond between layers during the storage period. The high tack level also ensures that cut ends adhere quickly to bales eliminating long tails.

A film for all climates

Silotite is manufactured in differing blends to suit the various climatic conditions of the world. This ensures that Silotite keeps bales safe and secure during the storage period.

Working together

Silotite undertake comprehensive consultation, research and field trial programmes involving farmers, contractors and agricultural research facilities. As a result, Silotite customers not only benefit from the latest balewrap technology, but also the expert advice and after-sales service from our team of bale wrap specialists.

Technical specifications

Reel width Colour Reel length Thickness
500 mm Black/Green/White 1800 m 25 mu
750 mm Black/Green/White 1500 m 25 mu