Grass Seeds – More Grass


  • The brand is fully supported by Freudenberger (Germany), PGG Wrightson (New Zealand), RAGT (France)
  • Mixtures are specifically designed for Irish conditions
  • Varieties are chosen for yield, digestibility persistence and disease resistance
  • All seed is tested and certified to the highest standard

Benefits of reseeding

  • Provide more grass in the shoulder periods (early Spring and late Autumn)
  • New pastures are more responsive to nitrogen compared to old permanent pastures
  • Higher feeding quality
  • Faster re-growth
  • Supports higher stocking rates & improves animal production

Soil Fertility

Poor soil fertility is one of the main reasons why ryegrass will disappear from pasture.
Reseeding is an expensive and time consuming job and reseeds will not perform to their
full potential if soil fertility is not correct.

Lime/Gran lime

Lime is an essential element in the soil as a soil conditioner to achieve the desired pH.
There has been a huge decline in lime application over the last number of years. Different
forms of lime have different suitable times of year for application and reseeding presents
an ideal opportunity to start correcting any deficiencies.

Importance of Phosphorus

Phosphorus is essential in the soil for root development. Grass reseeds have a high
demand for available phosphorus for successful and timely establishment.


Micronutrients are often overlooked but are extremely important in soil fertility even on grassland. The most important of these are:

  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Manganese
  • Copper
  • Zinc

Goulding Products to suit different requirements

Gouldings manufacture a wide range of different products to suit different farming
requirements. Over the last number of years Gouldings have been innovators in the fertiliser
market bringing many new exciting and rewarding products and solutions to the Irish market.
Gouldings have a wide range of solutions to meet farmer and soil needs. Your local Quinns
technical agri advisor will be able to discuss the most suitable for your needs.