Improve Nitrogen Efficiency & Accuracy with Liquid Fertiliser

Modern farming is about maximising efficient production of both grass and cereal crops which in turn maximises production of grain, milk and meat. Quinns have always prided

themselves on being an innovative company who have always adopted the latest modern approaches to help our customers grow better crops of cereals, oilseed rape and grass. One method of doing this is using liquid fertiliser to increase nitrogen efficiency and accuracy especially across larger tramline widths.
With this in mind, Quinns have recently been appointed distributors
for the OMEX ( range of liquid fertilisers for the
greater Leinster region. Liquid fertiliser in the form of U.A.N (Urea
Ammonium Nitrate) now accounts for almost 30% of the total
nitrogen market in the UK and over 50% in France.
Liquid Nitrogen has the following key benefits:
1.Improved Accuracy -spreading liquid nitrogen using a sprayer
with GPS is the most accurate way of spreading fertiliser;
especially on wider tramlines. In this situation there are no overlaps and no fertiliser is lost to non-crop areas such as hedgerows. This means that the entire field (including headlands) is farmed to its maximum potential.
2.Crop Uptake – Liquid fertiliser enters the soil and diffuses a lot more quickly than a granule which means crops have the best opportunity to maximise the nutrients spread. Liquid nitrogen binds to the top layer of the soil and will start working quickly
irrespective of dry or wet weather conditions.
3.Time -Liquid nitrogen can be spread on days when you wouldn’t normally spray agri chemicals so essentially using liquid nitrogen gives you more sprayer days. It can also be spread in the rain and with winds of up to 15km/hr.
4.Uniform Delivery of Nutrients – the main product available is a 26N + 2S product. The sulphur contained in this product is in sulphate form and is immediately available to the plant. Every droplet of this product delivers the same ratio of N:S which is important to maximise uniform uptake.
5.Storage – storage of liquid nitrogen is simple as storage tanks are available from OMEX based on a rental agreement with the farmer.
6.Grassland – However, Liquid nitrogen is used a lot on cereals and OSR; it has huge potential on grassland to deliver accurate fertiliser applications that will quickly be taken up by the grass,
irrespective of weather conditions.
If you require any further information on using Liquid Nitrogen
please contact Quinns on 059-6481266

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