Fertiliser – Cereal Compounds


Cereal Compounds

The price of fertiliser is very much dependent on oil prices and it may be reasonably assumed that the general trend in future fertiliser prices will be on an upwards curve.

The cost of fertiliser is probably the most critical input factor in determining profitability of any farming enterprise.

The choice of fertilisers used should always depend on a crop’s nutritional requirements and to know these a regular comprehensive soil analysis is absolutely essential.

The weakest link in a chain determines the strength of that chain and so also the most limiting nutrient will determine the maximum potential yields of any crop.

Farmers tend to concentrate on the major nutritional requirements Phosphorus, Nitrogen, Potassium etc. Minor elements Copper, Zinc and Manganese are equally important and must not be ignored.

Gouldings and other leading fertiliser companies will make up fertiliser compounds with minor nutrients added, to specifically meet your crop requirements, subject to maximise quantities required.

Before you choose your fertiliser compound for either cereal or grain production the following information is essential

1. Fertility status of the soil
2. Nutrient requirements of crop to be grown

Now, using Quinns specialists, a most appropriate compound will be recommended (specially formulated if necessary) which will maximise potential yields with the least expense.

Quinns technical advisors will advise on the appropriate compound to use based on soil test results. If required Quinns can organise a specific formulation to be blended if there is a particular soil requirement.