Fertiliser – Biofert

Biofert is an organic based fertiliser produced at the Ringsend Waste Treatment Plant in Dublin.

biofertThere are two types of fertiliser produced at Ringsend:

  • Biofert – thermally dried granular product
  • Biocake – anaerobically digested and hydrolysed

Both products are totally pasteurised and contain no bacteria whatsoever.

Both products are powerful soil conditioners and contain significant amounts of both major nutrients and minor trace elements.

Quinns have had the contract to reuse these products in agriculture land since 1999 and Biofert and/or Biocake have become a routine part of many of our customers’ grassland and cereal crops management programmes.

Both Biofert and Biocake will “put life back into the soil” and soil structure will dramatically improve due to, a very significant increase in earth worm activity.

biofertContinuous use of Biofert/Biocake will result in

  • The “’greening effect” much earlier in the Spring time
  • Significant increase in yields
  • Big reductions in fertiliser costs

Who may use Biofert/Biocake?

Only those who comply with statutory requirements and adhere to the Department of Environment’s Code of Good Practice and Local Authority protocols are allowed to use this very good and very cheap organic fertiliser.

Various steps must be taken before official approval is granted by the relevant Local Authority.

The main procedures involved are as follows:

  1. Initial Consultation with Quinns representative who will in turn introduce you to our independent agricultural agronomists John Byrne Consultancy, who is based in Tinahely, Co Wicklow.
  2. A Comprehensive soil analysis of Your entire holding will be carried out, and based on these analyses and your farming programme for the year, a crop Nutrient Management Plan is drawn up.

biofertThe Nutrient Management Plan will determine the amounts of Biofert or Biocake which may be spread on each parcel of land.

The Nutrient Management Plan is submitted to the relevant local authority for it’s approval and following a period of normally 4 weeks the plans are approved.

The total period of time from first enquiry to delivery of products is normally about two months.

What does it cost?

The total cost to the farmer for Biofert delivered and spread is €20/Tonne and the total cost of Biocake delivered and spread is €14/Tonne.

All costs associated with soil testing, soil and water analysis, crop nutrient management planning etc are borne by Quinns.

Contact: Paddy O’Toole 087 2549234