Break Crops/Cover Crops – Sowing Cover Crops for GLAS

Sowing Cover Crops for GLAS

There has been a growing interest in planting cover crops to satisfy requirements of the green, low-carbon, agrienvironment scheme (GLAS).  Although a requirement under GLAS there are significant benefits to planting cover crops including increased biomass, improving soil structure, reducing weed pressure (grasses such as sterile brome) and improving overall soil health. The following are some important things to remember when planting a cover crop for GLAS:

  • All catch crops sown under GLAS must be sown by September 15th
  • Poughing is not allowed; use light cultivation techniques only.
  • Plant as soon as possible after harvest.
  • August-sown crops will provide more green material (dry matter) for grazing or incorporation Catch crops can be grazed after December 1.
  • Two separate species must be sown and one species must not make up more than 75% of the mix.
  • It is very important to match the cover crop to sown to your crop rotation. If sowing OSR some of the brassica options may not be suitable.
  • Spraying off grass/cereal volunteers is permitted in catch crops to prevent the build-up of diseases such as take-all.


GLAS Seeding Rate Kg/ha Notes
Buckwheat 30 – 40kg Quick establishment and growth, not winter hardy.
Crimson Clover 10 – 15kg N Fixing, good weed suppression.
Forage Rape 3 – 5kg Fast growing, very economical, Good grazing option after December 1st under GLAS.
Mustard 6 – 10kg Excellent weed suppression, N scavenger, be careful with brassica rotation.
Phacelia 2 – 5kg Quick establishment, good weed suppression. Important to incorporate into soil or will become a weed in following crops. Releases P, Ca and Mg to soil when it decomposes.
Tillage Radish 5kg Produces large tap root, very beneficial to soil structure. Fast growing, producing large biomass for incorporation into soil.
Vetch 12kg N fixing, good weed suppression. Good option grown with Oats.
Leafy Turnip 5kg Fast growing, excellent forage for grazing livestock. Economical and can be grazed after December 1st under GLAS.


Mixture Available:

16 Kg Pack = 2Ha
10 Kg Leafy Turnip
6 Kg Forage Rape
Excellent Grazing Option
Quick Establishment
Grazed after December 1st

Quinns of an excellent selection of cover crop seed available to suit every rotational situation. We can also provide special mixes of different species where necessary. For more information call Quinns on 059-6481266 or Click Here.