Break Crops – Oil Seed Rape

Quinns began promoting Oil Seed Rape in Ireland in the late 1970’s and were pioneers in this field. Quinns source seed from Goldcrop, Monsanto and Seedtech. Quinns give agronomy advice on the growing of the crop and also are significant players in the purchase of the end product come harvest time.

Seedtech goldcrop Germinalseeds

Oilseed rape – a viable alternative

August 15th Begin to sow Oilseed Rape
Apply metaldehyde slug pellets in problem fields
48 Hours Post Drilling Pre-emergence weed control –
Butisan S or Katamaran
Expanded Cotyledon Stage
Monitor crop for flea beetle and slug damage
Apply Butisan S to fields that have not yet received weed contol.
Apply Basal P and K dressings
Mid October Autumn Light Leaf Spot and Phoma Control
Mid November Apply Kerb to grassweed problem fields as soon as crop is at 3 leaf stage
Early January Monitor crops for Pigeons and control as appropriate
Late February Apply first Nitrogen and Sulphur dressing
Mid-Late March Apply remainder of Nitrogen
Late March-Early April Apply stem extension Fungicide
Early May Monitor crop for Pollen Beetles and spray if threshold reached
Mid May Inspect crops for Alternaria. Apply mid-late flower fungicide especially if risk of Sclerotinia is high. Monitor for seed weevils and spray if threshold reached
Mid July Monitor crops for correct timing for swathing and /or desiccation
End July Harvest Crop