Break Crops – Forage Crops


It is that time of the year again where dairy and beef farmers are planning their forage requirements for next winter. Farmers planning on growing maize silage need to make a decision soon – last year was an excellent year for maize production due to the hot summer and low rainfall levels.


Maize is an extremely high yielding forage crop that produces high quality livestock feed at a very competitive price. It is an easy crop to grow once the basics are right with site selection being the most important. Maize can also be grown as a cash crop on tillage farms for sale to livestock farmers.


Quinns have been promoting forage crops since the formation of the company in the 1930’s. Quinns source seed from Germinal Seeds, Goldcrop and Seedtech. Quinns give agronomy advice on the growing of the crop to maximise yield to the benefit of our growers.

Seedtech goldcrop Germinalseeds

Why grow forage crops:

  • • Increase your profitability
  • • Reduce reliance on purchased feed
  • • Excellent break crop
  • • Several cropping options
  • • Full traceability

Our seed range includes:

  • • Maize
  • • Swedes/Turnips
  • • Stubble Turnips
  • • Kale
  • • Fodder Beet
  • • Sugar Beet
  • • Forage Rape