Animal Feed – Minerals & Blocks

Quinns have always being large suppliers of minerals both in bags and blocks. We specialise in the Acorn range of bagged minerals. The range covers dairy, beef and sheep. These are high spec minerals and their specifications can be seen below. They are stocked in all our branches and are competitively priced.

We have promoted Uniblock mineral buckets for a very long number of years now and they have a huge range from the ever popular Uniblock Lifeline buckets for sheep and for cows to the high mag buckets and beef booster buckets.

In recent years Quinns have become agents for the GRASSLAND AGRO (formerly known as Timac) range of mineral blocks also. These are very specific mineral blocks such as the Zinc block for sheep – aids in the prevention of lameness in sheep and the fertility mineral block for cows which has a high level of phosphorus.