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Roundup Flex
Roundup Flex is a soluble concentrate containing 480g/l glyphosate, present as 588g/l (43,8% w.w) of potassium salt and glyphosate. PSC number 04593.

Monsanto have introduced the first new Roundup formulation to Irish agriculture in 7 years, specially developed to improve product performance, and to make Roundup more practical to use in modern agriculture.This new formulation to be known as – Roundup Flex is an advanced clean label, which not only incorporates the highest levels of technical specification, but it is the first Roundup formulation to address stewardship aspects, which is so vital now for Roundup application.

Key points about Roundup Flex:

  • Powerful new liquid formulation – 480g/L glyphosate
  • Fast uptake for reliable long-term weed control
  • Consistent performance in a wide range of weather conditions
  • Rainfast in just 1 hour on annuals and Common Scutch
  • Monsanto supports a cultivation interval of just 6 hours for animals (2 days for Common Scutch)
  • Can be used post-planting, pre-emergence of a wide range of crops
  • Compatible with a large range of residual pre-emergence herbicides
  • Low drift formulation
  • NNo hazard symbols – highest level of safety for the operator and the environment

NEW unique Roundup Flex formulation

Roundup Flex uses a new K salt formulation that contains 480gai/l glyphosate and 167g/lt of blended surfactants.

The surfactant system offers ready biodegradability, while maintaining highly efficient activity on the leaf surface to produce a synergistic improvement in overall performance. The new K salt formulation enables Roundup Flex to be highly concentrated, yet maintain low viscosity and ease of handling through a wide range of storage and application conditions.

Roundup Flex and drift reduction

Surfactant based formulations such as Roundup Flex produce smaller droplets than water, or oil based EC formulations at a given sprayer setting, making them more prone to drift. Monsanto advise the use of low drift nozzles where appropriate, however flat fan nozzles tend to still be favoured by growers.

Roundup Flex can aid growers in maintaining the label specified spray category throughout the advised pressure range while
reducing drift. Furthermore Roundup Flex does not produce the same drifting bubbles produced by the addition of adjuvants as may be required by generic products at low rates.

Low drift equipment
Low drift equipment

Flat fan nozzles at high pressure
Flat fan nozzles at high pressure

Roundup Flex performance and flexibility

Visual effect on scutch – Scutch rhizome effects in cool, humid conditions at 60 DAYS.

Roundup Flex 1080 ae g/ha
The picture below shows the rhizomes are brown, dry and show no further growth.
Roundup Flex 1080 ae g/ha

APE 2 1080 ae g/ha
The picture below shows the rhizomes continue to grow after treatment.
APE 2 1080 ae g/ha