Add Value to your grain with XL Grain

Grain Preservation

To boost the potential of your cereals!

  • Increase the proportion of farm cereals in the ration by up to 10 kg / d / animal with no risk of acidosis
  • Reduce purchases of nitrogen correctors and prepared feed (soybean and/or rapeseed cake)

ResultsXL Grain Results

Preparing the Mixture

XL GRAIN can be used to treat either whole or rolled cereals.

Application Rate:

20kg (1 bag)/Tonne for cereals. 1 tonne of XL Grain will treat 50 tonne of barley/wheat.

Grain Moisture:

Ideally 18-20% Moisture- If moisture is lower than 18-20%; add water at a rate of 10 Ltrs per percentage point below 18% moisture.
I.E. if grain is 15% moisture add 30 Ltrs of water per tonne of grain.
Product is safe to use up to 24% moisture.

Mixing time: 15 minutes

Storage under cover

  • Leave to work for 21 days (3 weeks) in airtight conditions and then uncover.
  • Can be stored for one year in a warehouse.

XL-Grain Results

Enhancing the Rations


  • If XL Grain has been applied to the whole grain, we advise the following before use:
    • coarsely rolling or grinding straw cereals
    • finely grinding corn grain
  • Reformlate the ration with your nutritionist, as the advised dose of treated cereals depends on the ration

Dose of treated cereal not to be exceeded per animal: 1.5-2kg/100kg live weight. Follow the expert’s recommendations.

For fattening cattle dry (no-silage) rations

Straw + XL cereals + minerals

XL Grain table

Dairy cows and heifers

Start with a half dose of 2kg/day.
Then increase to a complete dose over an eight day period.
You can increase to up to 6kg per animal depending on the ration. Ask your nutritionist for advice.

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We are now agents for XL Grain which is new to the Irish market. This product is supplied by Vitalac in France. This is an alkaline grain treatment products which can add significant value to your to your home grown cereals. XL Grain raises both the PH and the protein of the grain allowing you to feed a higher protein product at higher levels without increasing the risk of acidosis in your beef and dairy stock.

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