Due to the lack of demand internationally for wool. Quinns are not taking in farmers wool at the present time.



As ever Quinns is actively looking to buy your wool. Please ask at your Quinn’s depot for the current price being paid (or call our main office on 059 6481266). You can drop your wool at your nearest Quinns Agri-stores, however we do pay a premium for wool dropped to our wool packing shed in our Naas branch.

We do not have any complex grading system and we accept wool in any format;

  • Loose
  • Wrapped or
  • Wool packs (we deduct 2kg per wool pack).

All we ask is that we get good, clean wool. Dags or wet wool will be rejected. Prompt payment by Quinns is made by cheque. Quinns’ wool is exported through Texacloth, Ireland’s leading wool merchants with 40 years of experience. Texacloth exports mostly to China, the largest wool buyers in the world. Texacloth’s CEO Aidan Walsh has built relationships with Chinese buyers since the 1980s. So don’t have the wool pulled over your eyes, sell to Quinns!

You can find out more about Texacloth and Aidan’s time in the wool trade in this entertaining Leinster Leader article which was written to mark the companies 40th anniversary:
sheep wool
Alternatively, you can find out more about Texacloth via their company website: www.texacloth.co.uk