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The OREGON Chainsaw Clinic


The OREGON Chainsaw Clinic is coming to Baltinglass Golf Club, Baltinglass, Co. Wicklow Tuesday, December 5th @7.30pm, Learn best practice and how to save on costs. Get a FREE chainsaw sharpening voucher and learn how to do it, FREE book on how best to maintain your saw and chain, Full Oregon Forestry Range & PowerSharp equipment on

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December Technical Newsletter

Technical NewsletterTechnical Newsletter

Feeding the Dry Cow, Cows should have an eight-week dry period in preparation for the next lactation.This may need to be extended if cows have a poor Body Condition Score (BCS). Cows should calve down and be dried off at a BCS of 3.25. During the dry period the cow’s diet must be managed to ensure she calves down and begins the next lactation in the correct ‘body-condition’. If the cow is too fat or too thin at calving, subsequent milk production and fertility will suffer.

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Heifer Rearing – Key Targets and Planning


Heifer Rearing – Key Targets and Planning, Replacement heifers are the future of every dairy herd. Now that we are in non-quota era, the long term nancial penalties of a poor heifer rearing programme are crippling. The net cost of rearing a replacement heifer on your farm is estimated to be approximately €1,500 per head by Teagasc. A heifer that calves down at 30 months will cost the farmer an extra €400 per head for that delay of 6 months, these costs spiral out of control when you start looking at multiples so therefore it’s important to keep to a rm plan.

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