Animal Feed – Sheep

Dairy Management Advice

Recommended feeding regime for ewes carrying twin lambs

wks prior to lambing 6 5 4 3 2 1
Kgs of meal 0.2Kg 0.4Kg 0.5Kg 0.7Kg 0.9Kg 1.0Kg

Tips for feeding animals ad lib

  • Introduce feed slowly and gradually build up intakes
  • Never let animals on an ad-lib feeding regime run out of feed, straw or water
  • Keep feed fresh in front of animals – don’t have stale feed in front of animals
  • Ensure ample amounts of clean fresh water is available to animals at all times
  • Good vermin and bird control is essential
  • Avoid sudden changes in the diet; if a change is necessary introduce it slowly over a period of 10 days by mixing with the previous diet
  • Provision of good quality roughage such as straw is essential and it too must be available at all times.

Sheep Feeds

Four Seasons

Four Seasons Intensive Lamb

Four Seasons

This is an excellent quality lamb ration which includes a blend of toasted barley, protein pellets, rolled beans and flaked maize. This ration is formulated to be very palatable for new born lambs and easily digested. It is ideal for the support of early lamb growth; the mineral included in the mix contains ammonium chlorate and salt which helps reduce the risk of urinary calculi (stone in the kidney) in ram lambs.

Protein: 17%

Energy:11.0 OME

Animal Category: Lambs from birth to finish, pedigree breeding rams

Four Seasons 15% Dual Purpose Finisher

Four Seasons

This is a newly formulated mix and was based on the idea of being used as a general purpose mix i.e. it can be fed to both sheep and cattle as there is no added mineral included. It is an ideal mix for finishing stock as it is high in energy with an inclusion of toasted cereals, maize and beet pulp nuts along with quality protein sources. Where farmers have limited storage space this is an excellent option and farmers have the choice to supplement minerals themselves on farm whether it be bagged minerals or blocks.

Protein: 15%

Energy:11.0 OME

Animal Category: Lambs over 4 months, Hoggets, Culled Ewes, Weanling, Finishing, Steers/Bulls

Four Seasons 14% Hogget Finisher

Four Seasons

This 14% crude protein ration is recommended for feeding to intensively fed older lambs or hoggets. Over 60% of the mix is made up of native cereals, beans and beet pulp nuts. The mix is high in digestible fibre so as to avoid digestive upsets such as acidosis. It is suitable for feeding ad-lib and will deliver high daily live weight gains.

Protein: 14%

Energy:10.9 ME

Animal Category: Lambs over 4 months, Hoggets, Culled Ewes