Animal Feed – Beef

At Quinns of Baltinglass we provide complete nutrition for all farm animals. We are proud to
say that we use only native cereals and pulses (beans and peas) along with quality protein
ingredients such as soya bean, wheat distillers pellets and rape pellets. All our grain is
sourced from IGAS approved cereals growers; some of our rations include toasted barley.

Ad Lib Feeding Instructions

  • Introduce feed slowly and gradually build up intakes
  • Never let animals on an ad-lib feeding regime run out of feed, straw or water
  • Keep feed fresh in front of animals – don’t have stale feed in front of animals
  • Ensure ample amounts of clean fresh water is available to animals at all times
  • Good vermin and bird control is essential
  • Avoid sudden changes in the diet, if a change is necessary introduce it slowly over a period of 10 days by mixing with the previous diet
  • Provision of good quality roughage such as straw is essential and it too must be available at all times


  • Provide an adequate pen space of 2 – 3 m2
  • Keep a feeding space of 30cm per animal. Minimum 1 trough per 10 animals, allowing for 40+ litres/ head/day
  • Provide proper ventilation without drafts
  • For comfort, provide Lie back areas; ideally straw beds or rubber mats on slats

Ad Lib Feeding Instructions

Acorn Calf Muesli

Acorn Calf Muesli

Acorn Calf Muesli is an excellent calf starter ration; it is suitable to feed to calves from one week of age. It includes top quality ingredients such as soya, flaked barley, peas, maize and yeast. This highly nutritious calf ration contains great sources of digestible energy and a rich protein of 18%. Acorn calf muesli has proven to be a very popular ration and is generally used until the calves are twelve weeks of age

  • Protein: 18%
  • Energy: 10.9 ME
  • Animal Category: Calves 0-3 months

Four Seasons Weanling Crunch

Four Seasons

This is a 16% coarse ration and is ideal for feeding calves post weaning. Calves should be actively growing at this stage and it is important to maintain a steady growth rate. This is a high quality ration which includes toasted cereals, maize, rolled beans and yeast to improve digestibility and therefore feed utilisation.

  • Protein: 16%
  • Energy: 11.1 ME
  • Animal Category: Beef/Catle 6-12 months

Four Seasons Beef Finisher

Four Seasons

This is a high energy ration and is suitable for feeding to bulls, heifers, steers and cull cows; it includes a rich blend of cereals including toasted barley, maize and wheat. The cereals are blended with beet pulp nuts and protein balancer nuts to maximise feed intake, growth rate and feed conversion in finishing cattle. It is fully fortified with high levels of minerals and vitamins and includes yeast to maximise feed utilisation. Four Seasons Beef Finisher is suitable for feeding ad-lib. When feeding ad-lib it is important to allocate a sufficient quantity of fibre such as straw or hay to improve rumen digestion and reduce risk of acidosis.

  • Protein: 13.5 %
  • Energy: 11.3 ME
  • Animal Category: Finishing Steers & Heifers, Bulls, Finishing Culled Cows

Four Seasons Maize/Beet Balancer

Four Seasons

This mix is formulated to balance the high energy fodder feeds including maize silage and beet. This 21% protein balancer contains high levels of digestible fibre and a high phosphorus beef mineral is included to counteract the low levels of phosphorus in both maize and beet.

  • Protein: 21%
  • Energy: 10.9 ME
  • Animal Category: All beef animals over 6 months where fed maize silage or fodder beet

Four Seasons Calf 2

Four Seasons

Four Seasons Calf 2 is a palatable course ration suitable to feed calves from approximately 12 weeks of age. It aids the transition of the calf’s immature digestive system into a true ruminant. Quality protein ingredients are used including soya and rolled beans and a blend of quality cereals including flaked maize and barley. Along with a high specification mineral package, Yea-Sacc is also included to aid faster rumen development and improve general calf health

  • Protein: 17%
  • Energy: 10.9 ME
  • Animal Category: Calves 3-6 months

Four Seasons Beef 1

Four Seasons

Four Seasons Beef 1 is a 14% protein ration which contains a high level of rolled barley, pulp nuts and rolled beans. This ration does not include minerals which makes it suitable to feed to all livestock or to supplement stock at grass. Many farmers use this mix to feed to their stock from weaning straight through to finishing.

  • Protein: 14%
  • Energy: 11.1 ME
  • Animal Category: Beef cattle 6months+, Hoggets, Culled Ewes

Four Seasons Beef 2

Four Seasons

This is a 15% protein mix, it contains a high level of native cereals and beans. It is suitable for feeding to a wide range of beef animals varying from weanlings to finishing cattle. This ration supplies the necessary protein, minerals and vitamins for young cattle and it also contains enough energy to finish younger stock. Therefore this mix works well as a general purpose beef mix.

  • Protein: 15%
  • Energy: 11 ME
  • Animal Category: Beef cattle 6months+ Bulls

Four Seasons 20% Barley Balancer

Four Seasons

This mix is formulated to complement farm stored grain, this balancer ration combined with rolled barley at a ratio of 60:40 (Barley:Balancer) will give a ration of 14% protein. It contains a blend of pulp nuts, balancer protein pellets and soya bean meal. Minerals are included at double the rate to assure correct rate when mixed with the cereals.

  • Protein: 20%
  • Energy: 10.9 ME
  • Animal Category: All beef animals over 6 months when blended with cereals